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The Importance of Support for Cancer Patients

A few weeks ago I made a post on my Facebook, where I talked about the importance of the love and support that God gives me through my husband while we face this process. I am sure that this time while I live with cancer would be even more difficult and I cannot leave out the great community of friends, family and the Church around the world, who do not stop writing and supporting us in daily prayers. I would like to make an extension of that post.

Many cancer patients, due to the great impact they face, since them are not just talking about the situation of side effects, or hospital visits; the truth is that this has been going on too long to be able to explain it in words. I have to recognize that the patient´s life has extremely difficult days, emotionally speaking; but the fact is that when people are urrounded by support and unconditional love, the patient´s reaction changes.

Sometimes you simply do not have the ability to speak, you cannot explain what you feel, the treatments are very long and the weakness that they cause in the body is very exhausting. I have spoken to many cancer patients while waiting for my appointments. I myself feel tired many times, and there are people who have had more than 20 cycles of Chemotherapy; others have told me how lonely they are, there is no one to take care of them, or worry about them, even if there is family around. When I talk to them my heart shatters into a thousand little pieces. But that is the life of many people, with and without cancer. Except that cancer makes everything worse.

Cancer plunges a patient into depression almost instantly, there is a deep weight in the heart, but more than that I can say that when the body´s weakness, low energy arrives, that is when it is easiest for a person to throw themselves into defeat, by falling. In uncontrolled depression the patient stops eating, stops fighting. If this is your situation or one of a family member, seek help immediately.

I previously experienced cancer with my mother and it was extremely difficult emotionally, I had to make many changes to take care of her, I was hurt and suffered for her. Most of the time she was angry and sometimes there was no way to help her. Each one processed and moved forward as best they could, each one locked themselves in their pain in silence. Each person dealt in their own way.

With my cancer I decided to face it holding the hand of God, and as I already said, writing since I did not want to be angry, I decided to try to fight against the entire negative that this disease brings, I prayed for my husband a lot, what would it be? who would take care of me, I really didn´t want him to go through this but we were already here, so I prayed to be a good patient, I prayed to be able to eat whatever healthy I had to eat, I prayed for the symptoms and the difficult days. Due to the fact that there have been days when I am simply silent and trying to move forward on a not so good shape, where my words don´t come out and I broke in tears silently.

But he knows, sometimes just a caress on my head, a hug is enough to help me. That I break down in tears. I have written and talked to him about how I feel throughout this process, I have talked about my lowest days, and although many times when I do I cry and I am broken down, I have never been more broken than his hug has comforted me; and his love. This definitely takes years of work, but we can all give a little love. Hug, please just hug.

My thoughts are not always where they should be, your head is not always there, and what you say makes no sense, you just need to listen and be embraced.

In my head there is only one thought: "I hope all the people in the world, with Cancer, can

somehow have the support they need" through the unconditional love and support from the

beloved, so essential in this process.

I don´t think I will ever be able to express with the right words how grateful I feel. But the Lord also places a great burden on my heart to meet and speak with other patients who live this alone.

If you are a Cancer patient living this process alone, I want you to know that I pray for you. Maybe we don´t know each other, but in this process God reminds me every day that I am not the only one, and that there are people like you, who you need to know; that there are others like me, that God uses to pray for the emotional but mostly spiritual needs of others in the same condition. This situation shows us that without knowing you, God is considering your loneliness. There is no other way to make this possible, but because God loves you. Illness is not the work of God, it is the work of the world we live in and you and I have to live it. Please don´t give up, even if there are difficult days, do not doubt about the love of God.

Please don´t live this alone.

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