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The Injustice of Suffering

How many times do we use the word "Injustice"? We use it in unimportant things. Or in complex life circumstances where we find ourselves facing things we never imagined being in? We use it almost every time?

Could we think that even "the cancer"; would make a little more sense than saying; "it´s unfair"?

For months I have talked about cancer, I have talked about being in search of God´s purpose with some of the people closest to me; Even though I know I won´t be able to see it in its entirety today, I know that God has it. I automatically have an answer in my mind and in my heart, which I have known for a long time, in fact, I think that most believers know this mechanically. The Bible says that the main purpose of our life as believers is to Glorify God. How are you Glorifying God today? Are you Glorifying Him?

The first thing a person says when they become seriously ill and become aware of the possibility and how close death may be is: why? Why I have Cancer? Why not other else is I not a bad person?

I was talking about this topic with my sister the other day, and the truth is that I have been analyzing these questions. In our humanity and desperately, we seek these answers. We want to understand why, I have concluded that many of these questions are nothing more than trying to recover the control we thought we had, the feeling of control, the helplessness of something we cannot control traps us. In reality we cannot recover anything, imaginative control is where it has always been, there is no such control! Our dependence must and should always be in the hands of God.

It is difficult to experience cancer from many forms and perspectives. At first I fought very hard not to ask this question. Why? I have asked God rather, What for? I want to see it; I want to see the full purpose. Rather, sometimes I wonder why a person won´t suffer from X disease? We really don´t know, the Bible says that the body is going to wear out. We understand and know that the disease exists and even if we didn´t want to suffer from it, we are going to suffer from it.

Therefore we do not lose heart; But although this external man of ours is wasting away, the internal one is nevertheless renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

There is only one thing in my heart that makes me silence this question. The injustice suffered by the one who paid for me.

For the last few days, this week I have been studying this. For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit. 1Peter 3:18 (HE DIED FOR THE SINS OF THE UNJUST)

Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude,

because whoever suffers in the body is done with sin.  2  As a result, they do not live the rest of their earthly lives for evil human desires, but rather for the WILL OF GOD. 1Peter 4:1-2

Jesus had the worst death in history, a physical and cruel death in the flesh, unjust since it was to cover the sins of humanity. He who was innocent became guilty for the salvation of many. In order to make the Father’s willed.

Peter encouraged the believers of the time by reminding them of Christ´s suffering, he understood what this entailed. We lose sight all the time of what Christ did on the cross. If we look at history, the Jews needed to make sacrifices one after the other, which would allow them the forgiveness of sins, We forget that the vicarious sacrifice of Christ has perpetual validity for us.

The truth is that when we ask all these questions we question God, when many of these things are simply the result of what human beings have done. We are living in much, the consequence of a world full of evil and we are only reaping our own destruction. Sin brings consequences and one is deseases.

Today, I continue to suffer many different and varied things in my body every day. You never know what will happen the next day, but each day continues to be part of God´s plan in which I am still here and I want to Glorify Him even in the midst of my suffering.

I want to remember, as Peter says, what He already did; thanks to his sacrifice I have access to the throne of Grace.

When I feel so bad, so weak that I can´t even handle my own weight, and there is so much helplessness, so much fragility that I feel so useless, that´s when I most remember everything he had to go through when he went to the cross for us. The one who, being innocent, went to the most horrible suffering "unjustly" and did it out of love for us, no one but him could say, claim or protest the injustice of his suffering, but on the contrary he went and did it out of love.

That´s when I am unable to ask why? My tears flow from brokenness and gratitude for what He has already given me. There is nothing more valuable right now than knowing that one day my flesh will no longer have to deal with sin or cancer.

For while I intend to follow what He is speaking to my heart and the truth is not merelyto talk about cancer, although He is using this, the main purpose is Him.

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